(BC) 19th Week – You’re Sweet As A Mango

(BC) 19th Week – You’re Sweet As A Mango

Did you feel the kick? No? Don’t worry, it’s too early. You will feel it soon. It’s important for you to be reminded again that not everyone would definitely felt whatever written on paper, on a certain week. If you are worry though, you can pay your doctor a visit or just express your concern during your routine checkup. No harm in being too careful, right?

One of the most significant changes this week is vernix. Vernix caseosa is a thick, white coating on your baby’s skin. The name derived from the Latin word and basically meant varnish while caseosa means cheese. 

While it might seems insignificant, vernix plays an important role in protecting your baby’s skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid. If no vernix was produced, then your baby might look very wrinkled during birth. Think about it. What happen if you try to soak your hand in the water for 9 months? Exactly.

If you were interested, your child’s lungs are also making progress this week. The main airways which direct air into and expel air from the lungs are formed; they are called bronchioles. This an important part of the lungs development since without these, it is impossible for anyone to breath once they were outside.

This is also the time when your baby’s sex would become pretty much apparent. No more hiding, we knew what you are now. You can schedule an ultrasound to check if your baby’s important organs are developing correctly. 

You can start taking a closer look into the team that will manage your delivery and postpartum management including a paediatrician. Find someone you trust as you will be seeing each other quite a lot.

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