(BC) 18th Week – The Little Cucumber Learn How To Yawn!

(BC) 18th Week – The Little Cucumber Learn How To Yawn!

From the size of a big onion to a cucumber. Man, things have been progressing quickly than anyone can even imagine. That little dude sure knows how to make surprises. As your baby is getting bigger, every move, kicks and punch can be felt much clearer than the last 17 weeks. They can do all kind of movements as they were practising with new muscles that have been developed. 

If you noticed your baby yawn or hiccup during your routine ultrasound scan, then you will know that your baby has picked up a new skill! It can be rather difficult for you to notice but your doctor can point it out to you in case if there’s any. After all, reading the ultrasound is a skill that you developed over the time of using.

This week featured one of the most important development to your baby’s nervous system. It’s basically a network of nerves that will be covered by a substance which we called myelin. Myelin can be especially helpful in sending a signal from one nerve cell to the other. It helps in managing the message speed as the nerve form more complex connections between each other.

This is not something which you can see on the ultrasound. Your baby’s brain is also making some progress by serving important senses such as hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell. This will make them able to perceive sound every time you were hiccuping. That’s right, it’s a two-way street.

If you knew the sex of your baby, you will notice a much visible genital on your next ultrasound. You can be certain now that your baby is a girl or a boy. If they show it on the scan. Some babies are reluctant to cooperate. No worries, we will know soon.

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