Baby Car Seat Safety 101: How To Install It Properly

Baby Car Seat Safety 101: How To Install It Properly

Not a single one of us is capable of predicting car crashes.  That’s why it is important to ensure your car is equipped with a baby car seat.

When it comes to children, car crashes are one of the leading causes of death among children.

All of the recorded events usually took place approximately 40 km from the victim’s respective home.

There’s no telling what would happen to you, your wife or your children during a car accident.

Even if you crash at 60 km per hour can create sufficient force to cause devastating consequences.

It’s important for you to know how to install your baby car seat properly.  

There’s no use of buying the most sophisticated baby car seat but it is improperly installed.

Knowing the type of baby car seat

baby car seat

There are a few types of baby car seats which can be installed in your car to protect your little one. 

  • Baby car seat exclusively for infants. This is a portable, small baby car seat which can be separated from its base, which is intended to be left in the car. Depending on the model, it caters to a specific range of baby weight which is meant to be installed in a rear-facing position. On average, this particular car seat can only be used for a baby up to 18 months old, probably earlier if they outgrow the model.
  • A convertible car seat. You have to ensure that your baby fits in this particular car seat snugly. Compared to the previous type, this model can be used longer in the rear-facing position. It can be used in the front-facing position, however, it will be less secure for your baby. This particular baby car seat is not suitable for a newborn. 
  • Multipurpose (3-in-1) car seat. Compared to the two previous types, this particular baby car seat is not quite portable. However, it can be converted into a rear-facing seat, forward-facing seat or even a booster seat. The most important thing you need to take note of is to ensure that yours is designed according to your baby’s age. 

Protecting your baby using a harness

Even though baby car seats are designed with your baby’s security in mind, not every model could achieve that particular objective.

However, you can use a harness to ensure your baby stays secure in your car.

There are two types of harnesses:

  • 3-point harness: This particular harness is usually designed to support older models of baby car seats. It straps and protects the baby at three points: two straps the baby’s shoulders while the other one is in between the baby’s legs. 
  • 5-point harness: A baby car seat which employs the 5-point harness system is capable of offering the most protection to the baby. This is why it is usually adopted by the latest model. The 5 points strap two above the shoulder, two of the baby’s hips and one in between the baby’s legs.

This is how you can install your baby car seat properly

baby  car seat

In general, there are three important rules to install your car seat properly.

Always install it at the backseat. The most secure point in the car for your baby is at the back seat, preferably at the middle spot. If it can’t be fit properly, you can install it on either of the backseat sides. Never install your baby car seat in the front row of your car as it can cause injury related to the security air-bag during a car crash.

Experts recommend baby car seats be installed facing backwards. You might want to keep your baby facing backwards for as long as you are able. It protects the baby’s head, spine and neck from injury. According to a multitude of research, infants and small children are 71% less likely to experience fatal injury during accidents if their baby car seat is facing backwards.

Keep your baby car seat’s base tight. You can’t afford to let your baby sits too loose. It shouldn’t wobble, slide, pivot or trip. Try to hold the top edge of your baby car seat and push it downwards. The back of the seat should stay firm in place at the same angle. 

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