About Us

Embrace your parenthood journey with us

MommyDaddy&i is the latest initiative to create the best possible platform for new and expectant parents to acquire knowledge, engage and share the experience of pregnancy and parenting. MommyDaddy&i is the all-in-one platform equipped with a comprehensive suite of pregnancy-related articles, workshops, pregnancy apps and product review, support, exclusive rewards and privileges to make both pregnancy and parenting journeys into a seamless and meaningful experience.

With dedicated groups gathered around similar interests and objectives, it provides one of the crucial building blocks needed for being an all-rounded parent. Alongside its access to information sharing, an extensive array of pregnancy-related tools are readily available for pregnant mothers to keep track of all their pregnancy health needs. The thoughtfully designed pregnancy apps are very helpful in monitoring pregnant mothers’ body changes and their baby’s growth.

Our comprehensive pregnancy apps, at a glance:

  • Pregnancy-related articles – Gain access to helpful articles and pregnancy tips to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy weight tracker – Keep track and monitor your weight gain to ensure it is within a healthy range over the course of your pregnancy.
  • Fetal kick tracker – Keep a daily record of your baby’s movement to monitor baby’s well being.
  • Contraction timer – Timing your contractions and help you get prepared when your little one is about to come into the world.

Apart from that, new parents can also enjoy peace of mind when they embark on the journey of parenthood. From breastfeeding tool to baby’s lullabies and sharing the memorable photos of their little ones, MommyDaddy&i allows new parents to become more fully equipped with parenting guides and interact freely with the parent community in one application.

With MommyDaddy&i, moms-to-be and first-time parents can have all the reliable parenting information and pregnancy assistance at their fingertips. Be it a pre-pregnancy or post-pregnancy support, MommyDaddy&i is specifically catered to all parents to stay connected with like-minded community.