9 Weeks Pregnant – Olive You, My Adorable Baby!

9 Weeks Pregnant – Olive You, My Adorable Baby!

One more week and your baby is no longer an embryo. That’s right! When you are 9 weeks pregnant, it has already developed into a fetus. 

They will look more like a human day by day. All of the important organs have been developed plus their teeny, tiny, cutie little fingers and toes are visible now. 

The head has already straightened out and both of their ears are pointed out, no longer just a hole like it did last week. How time flies!

When you are 9 weeks pregnant, your baby is only as big as an olive. Well, olive you too. The wordplay was spot on, right?

Twitching, but not kicking yet

9 weeks pregnant

Their arms and legs are no longer static, they can spontaneously move and if you look really, really closely, some muscles are beginning to form. 

Though they wouldn’t have the strength enough to kick you yet when you are just 9 weeks pregnant. Just occasional twitches, here and there.

I know, most people can’t feel anything up to this point of pregnancy but that doesn’t mean we can’t hear something, isn’t it? 

Their heart is big and fully developed, making it possible for us to detect its beat by using a handheld ultrasound device called Doppler. 

This is one of the most exciting moments when you are 9 weeks pregnant. 

You can smile at the fact that your baby’s heart is strong enough to play a consistent lub-dub sound. 

It’s music to the ear. So peaceful.

No heartbeat, should I be worried?

9 weeks pregnant

I can’t hear my baby’s heartbeat, should I be worried? Well, don’t. 

You know why? When you are just 9 weeks pregnant, they might be playing hide and seek with you making it difficult for the Doppler to find its target. 

Somewhere deep in the corner of your uterus, your baby is peeking through, looking at your panic face as you can’t seem to find its heartbeats. 

Yeah, they are the size of an olive. When you’ve passed being 9 weeks pregnant, they will grow bigger and it will be impossible to hide it from you. 

Give it a week or two and you will hear from them.

If you are worried though, pay a visit to your doctor. Though it’s still early to take such drastic measures when you are 9 weeks pregnant.

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