9 Months Old – Stand Like Everybody Else

9 Months Old – Stand Like Everybody Else

Pulling up to stand can be easy for some babies while others struggle. Nevertheless, this month marks the time when they have enough strength to stand on their own. 

You can buy some toys which could help them in their physical development such as play tunnels or crawling and stack of pillows that they can practise climbing. Regardless, some activities would need monitoring more than the other.

Your baby’s brain is more sophisticated now, theu it’s possible for them to respond to one step commands with gestures. You can ask them to bring you a cup while pointing at the cup and they would be able to take it for you.

Oh yeah, they might indicate their desire in ways other than crying. They can point to things they want or just tell you in other ways.

Give them some snacks

Their appetite is on the uptick this month. There is no harm in giving them some snacks to support their three-meals-a-day diet plan. Do it in moderation and give some nutritious food. The thing you need to remember is don’t interfere with their playing and socializing time.

Be sure to include veggies, fruits and lean protein in their diet. It’s important to start establishing healthy ways of eating early on. Try to avoid sugar, sweet and salty foods as they would crave them later. However, if they want some candies, don’t be too strict about it. Just let them have it but in moderation.

Your child would need to receive the first dose of MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella). If you stay in Sarawak, you will need to take the first dose of JE vaccine (Japanese encephalitis).


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