8 Months Old – Itching To Bust Their Moves

8 Months Old – Itching To Bust Their Moves

If you want to see what your child has been learning so far, just set them down and watch. They no longer focus on one set of skills. They start to multitask and develop different kinds of interaction at the same time.

What’s more important is that they started to make sounds, facial expressions or even gestures to attract your attention. I’ve encountered some babies who were pretending to cry so that their parents would take them. Hey, that’s cheating!

At this point of time, your child might be comfortable only to a few selected people. They started to develop a fear for strangers and this is completely normal. It’s a sign of social maturity and can be protective.

You need to give them some spaces and socialize at their own terms. Don’t push or force them to like someone they are not familiar with. As they grow older this form of clinginess will pass and they would have their own pace.

You might want to give them a fluffy bear or the so-called security blanket. As they are mobile, you would realize that your baby starts to become independent. They can be separate from you but that doesn’t mean they would go away. Don’t be paranoid. 

That fluffy bear would serve as a substitute that allows your baby to be comfortable anywhere they go. Let them have it. There is no harm in letting them be.


If you don’t mind them making messes, then let them practise their pincer grasp. As they were approaching their first birthday, their ability to hold small objects will improve. You can give them different kind of foods that will not only provide them with nutrition but also serve as practise tools

Be realistic with your child and let them grow at their own pace. Stick with foods that can dissolve easily in their mouth. Don’t ever give them a large chunk of meat, poultry or peas (unless they were smashed).

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