7 Months Old – The Crawling Exercise

7 Months Old – The Crawling Exercise

If you want to see your baby at their best, this would mark the beginning of it. Not only do they start to develop enough muscle strength to crawl around, they also have a sense of humour and would laugh it out.

Rolling from supine to prone position is easy now. Getting to a sitting position can be tricky and need some practises. If you would serve as support, they can learn to pull themselves up to stand. 

Most babies started to stand up by the age of 9 months but remember, they would require some practise. They would be crawling up storm now, sometimes, more than you can keep up. Just remember to give them ample amount of tummy time when they were 0 to 6 months old.

You must not be worried if they yet to crawl around as long as they hit all of the important milestones such as sitting. If they do, don’t be too critical on how they do it. 

Some babies were comfortable if they started crawling backwards or sideways. Some scoot on one of their knees, on their cute little bottom while others just travel on their hands and feet.

The most important thing is not how they do it but will they ever move it. Try to encourage them with toys that suit their development. Giving them toys with wheels can make them crawl while trying to push the toy around.

Steady diet of breast milk and solids

It;s not that difficult maintaining your child’s diet now. They are not too fussy (yet) on the type of solid you give them. With breast milk (six times a day) or formula (if you can’t breastfeed) plus solids can make them grow faster.

During doctor’s visitation, note their weight and length to ensure they were growing appropriately. Too little or too much weight gain can cause certain medical conditions which would require early intervention. 

As your baby starts to develop into a much more experienced eater, you can vary their foods. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats; make sure they get it at an appropriate portion.

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