6 Weeks Pregnant: My Little Sweet Pea!

6 Weeks Pregnant: My Little Sweet Pea!

Try to draw a baby’s face with a nice cheek, chin and jaws. Well, that’s your baby when you are 6 weeks pregnant. 

You will notice that their size is equivalent to a small sweet pea. 

Well, at least you wouldn’t have to use a magnifying glass trying to determine the shape of your baby. 

Not now my love. I can see you there. Behave!

Let us tell you something, pregnancy symptoms are not easy to deal with. 

You might just be 6 weeks pregnant but those symptoms do not discriminate.

Not when you are drowning in the ocean of hormones. It hits your sanity like a swooshing wave. 

However, the fact that you can see your child now often makes all of these struggles blown away. 

Well, temporarily, of course. 

Staring at the magnificent foetal changes when you are 6 weeks pregnant

6 weeks pregnant

You baby started to develop its soon-to-be, what can be described as, an adorable face. 

If you want to zoom in, you will see two indentations that you would gladly call them as your baby’s sweet dimples. 

Oh boy, you’re so wrong. Those are not dimples. 

Those indentations would soon be your baby’s ear canal. Yes, it is and just like that structure, your baby’s eyes and nose button would appear as small dots too. 

Remember when I said your baby’s heart started to beat when they were 5 weeks? Well when you’re 6 weeks pregnant, you can know for sure. 

They beat at a rate of 110 times per minute and the figure would keep on increasing weeks by weeks to meet the demand of their growing bodies. 

Your doctor would measure their crown to rump length. Why? 

Because we can’t really depend solely on the accuracy of your information to determine the exact week of your pregnancy. 

This measurement would tell you that.

When you are 6 weeks pregnant, the length would be in between a fifth to a quarter-inch making it seem like the size of a nailhead. 

Well, I think a sweet pea would be a better subject to compare, eh?

Their circulatory system has developed into a much-sophisticated function, letting it pump as efficiently as it is supposed to. 

If you have questions (I’m sure you have a lot to ask), you might want to ask now. 

Make a note on a piece of paper before meeting with your doctor and be sure to not miss anything. 

The not so great news part?

6 weeks pregnant

It turns out you can’t really escape from the grasp of heartburn.

Yeah, I’m being serious, the chance of you getting a well-deserved heartburn-free for the next 9 months or so is virtually non-existent.

The muscles which are supposed to seal the opening from your stomach to oesophagus relax, courtesy of pregnancy hormonal changes.

This would cause the digestive juices, which as most of you know, quite acidic, flows backwards causing heartburn.

There are a couple of changes to your eating routine which can help curb these unwanted complications.

You can start now when you are 6 weeks pregnant.

Just remember even though you are pregnant, it’s not a ticket to eat twice more than what you usually take.

You might be hungry, again, thanks to hormones, but you have to know when you have been adequately fed.

Some tips include:

  1. Don’t rush through your meal.
  2. Avoid eating any greasy or spicy foods. At least for now.
  3. Pick a suitable cloth when you are pregnant. You bump might be small when you are 6 weeks pregnant but later, it’s going to be much bigger. 
  4. If you don’t have any appetite due to frequent vomiting, try to eat bland foods.
  5. Pick a healthy and balanced diet. This might be cliche but it will certainly help you later.

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