Take These Vaccines To Prevent Complications During Pregnancy

Take These Vaccines To Prevent Complications During Pregnancy

Getting infectious diseases during pregnancy can be the scariest thing. That’s why you need to commit to all kinds of prevention, which include taking vaccines during pregnancy.

Diseases like influenza, tetanus and diphtheria, just to name a few, can cause a wide range of unwanted complications later on.

Being vigilant with your pre pregnancy care would mean you would do anything to prevent all sorts of complications from taking place.

If you are confused, what kind of vaccines during pregnancy you should take, this article would enlighten you on that particular subject.

Influenza vaccine, one of the most important vaccines during pregnancy 

As influenza virus can cause deadly complications especially to those at high risk, you need to take your influenza vaccine during pregnancy.

Those who are considered high risk are as follow:

  1. The elderly (age 65 years and above).
  2. Pregnant women.
  3. Babies.
  4. Small children.
  5. People with chronic diseases.
  6. People with compromised immune systems.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), all pregnant women should take influenza vaccine, especially when we are at the beginning of the seasons. This is typically by late of October.

Babies who are born from mothers who are vaccinated against influenza would be protected until they are 6 months old.

After that, they can get their own flu vaccine. 

Looking at the benefits and risks, it is safe to conclude that influenza viruses should be one of the vaccines during pregnancy that should be taken by all expecting mothers.

Tetanus injection, still important

vaccines during pregnancy

As tetanus can be caused by bacteria that can enter the body through a break of skin, no one can expect they are being infected.

This is a particularly dangerous feat especially those who are pregnant.

Those who are infected can have symptoms which are related to the nervous system such as muscle spasms and seizures.

That’s why tetanus vaccines are one of the most important vaccines during pregnancy to be taken by all women.

The adult tetanus vaccine comes in package with other 3 which are:

  1. Tetanus
  2. Diphtheria
  3. Pertussis (whooping cough)

If you are not yet vaccinated, pregnant women are typically given when they are at the 27th to 36th week.

Just like influenza, it confers protection to the babies from one of the commonest respiratory illnesses, whooping cough.

Since whooping cause is quite contagious and can cause deadly consequences, put this vaccine on your “vaccines during pregnancy” list.

Other vaccines during pregnancy which are equally important

vaccines during pregnancy

There are certain people who need a specific kind of vaccine when they are exposed to certain diseases.

If you are worried about it, consult your doctor for a detailed examination and medical education regarding other vaccines which you may require.

Some of them are:

  1. Hepatitis A vaccine: If you have been diagnosed with liver diseases or is exposed to the hepatitis A virus, you would want to get your hand on this vaccination. Unlike other Hepatitis B, this virus can be transmitted through foods and infected people’s faeces.
  2. Hepatitis B vaccine: Those who work in the healthcare industries, had multiple sex partners and have to go for a dialysis should take this as one of the vaccines during pregnancy. Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted through sexual contact, infected body fluid and hypodermic needles.
  3. Pneumococcal vaccine: It’s optional but if you have chronic diseases or any conditions which compromised your immune system, you need to consider taking this vaccine. The consequences of pneumococcal pneumonia can be deadly.
  4. Meningococcal vaccine: The progression of meningococcal disease can be rapid. Those who are infected can succumb within 24 to 48 hours. It’s not common but if you are worried, ask your healthcare providers regarding it being one of your vaccines during pregnancy.

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