6 Months Old – Where The Fun Never Ends

6 Months Old – Where The Fun Never Ends

They were moving so much that you can’t really take your eyes of them. It can be annoying and cute at the same time. They start to realise that there are a lot of fascinating spaces that need to be explored. Yes, they would not stay at one place for long.

This month, your baby would most likely be able to sit unsupported. Some of them can do it as soon as 4 months old and if your baby can’t just yet, it’s still okay. Some babies just need time to practice more and they would do it as late as 9 month old.

If you hold them in an upright position, you would notice that they can bear their own weight on their legs. Well they can’t stand yet but soon, they would be able to. This can happen if you give them enough tummy time during this whole 6 months period to strengthen their own muscle.

Some can even pull themselves up into sitting or standing position (with support). Just ensure the thing that supported them is sturdy.

Stimulating your baby now can be a little bit tricky. They would need more toys and much complex activities to boost their intellectual as well as language, motor and social skills. Give them an attractive piece of toy and they would crawl right to it in no time.

Just make sure to keep them entertained or they would be bored. Trust me, you don’t want them to be bored. It’s fun to see them playing stuff and trying to figure out things.

Time to introduce some solids

When I said solids I don’t mean something hard like biscuits. It’s more to porridge and other soft foods. You have to introduce different kinds of foods gradually as they bear full teeth. Now only 1 or 2 will surface making it hard for them to process hard stuff.

Oh yeah, don’t give her honey just yet until they scored their 1st birthday. It might contain Clostridium bacteria that can cause infant botulism when their digestive system is still developing. 

Bring your baby to your paediatrician as it’s time to give them some vaccination. The third dose of hepatitis B vaccination can be important this month and if you live in Sabah, you need to vaccinate your child against measles.

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