These Things Happen To Your Body Post Pregnancy

These Things Happen To Your Body Post Pregnancy

Carrying babies inside for 9 months is no joke. There are too much physiological and physical changes that occur during which raise the question, what would happen to me post pregnancy?

This article would discuss some changes that would happen after delivery. Keep on reading to know more.

Lose a lot of weight in a single swoop post pregnancy

It’s no secret that you would feel lighter after giving birth to your baby. 

Depending on their weight, you would be relieved that you would have the chance to return your body weight to its original figure.

Apart from expelling your baby, there are a few accessories which your body is going to get rid of. You would lose your amniotic fluid, some blood and the end stage of delivery, you will give out placenta.

That’s right, you are not only giving birth to your baby but also their “life-support” accessories along with their mini swimming pool.

However, you wouldn’t return to your ideal body weight for at least a few months post pregnancy.

That’s why it’s important to treat your body like a sacred place. Give it some nutritious foods and exercise once your healthcare providers have given you the green light.

Losing all the unnecessary fluid

Not every single fluid is expelled during delivery. Some are kept inside your body cells which are going to be extracted out on a later date.

During your first week of post pregnancy, you would pee a lot and you would sweat.

This is especially true during the hot weather. You would sweat a lot but don’t worry, it’s all good.

Your body would need ways to expel excessive fluid.

Apart from that you would also experience mild bloody discharge post pregnancy. It’s known as lochia and it would take about 4 to 6 weeks before it would dissolve.

It’s leftover blood and mucus that ooze from the place where your baby’s placenta used to attach.

Your abdomen would take some times to deflate post pregnancy

post pregnancy

It’s important to realize that your body would seem like 6-7 months pregnant for quite a while.

Even if you lose quite a lot of weight, your baby bump would stick around for at least a month.

Your skin is quite elastic, that’s why it can withstand your bulging abdomen during pregnancy. However, it’s not a spandex.

Imagine, your pear shaped uterus grew to the size of a watermelon. It would take some time for them to shrink.

Don’t worry, it would not happen right away but your body will start working on it as soon as it is able to.

In fact, a few days post pregnancy, you would experience contraction as your uterus starts to shrink down.

Ask your doctor whether you can start your exercises and they will advice you accordingly.

Don’t start doing crunches without a green light from your healthcare providers!

This especially if you delivered via caeserean section. The surgical wound would need time to heal.

Buy yourself a much bigger bra

Even if your breasts start to grow when you are in your first trimester, it will be especially big post pregnancy.

Afterall, it’s a food haven for your little one.

So, don’t be awkward when you catch your partner’s eyes staring at your magically morphing breasts. It’s just biology.

You would feel some discomfort as your breasts are swollen and tender but it can be relieved by post pregnancy breastfeeding.

Once your little bundle of joys latch upon it, it will drain out.

Get yourself a bigger support bra for comfort. If your breasts ache, use a cold pack to relieve it. 

Bye bye stretch marks

post pregnancy

Stretch marks are common skin conditions that occur especially to those who gain a lot of weight.

Even if some women claim to have gotten rid of these stretch marks, it may have not completely gone. Just fade to shades that are lighter than your skin.

There is no proven product which can completely treat this skin condition. 

You can refer to your dermatologist if you want to try any form of expensive treatment to wave goodbye to your stretch mark.

However, if you don’t have the financial benefits, the most effective treatment to let your stretch marks fade is time.

Expect a scar post pregnancy if you deliver via C-section

Giving birth via C-section is not all that great. Apart from all of the complications that you potentially experienced during the surgical procedure, it will leave you with an angry-looking incision mark.

It’s typically 4 to 6 inches and is located below your bikini line. As medicine progresses, it will also revolutionise the look.

Depending on the type of sutures your surgeon will choose, it will be removed between 3 to 7 days post pregnancy.

You would need to stay in the hospital as long as the suture is yet to be removed.

The scar will heal itself and eventually 1 year from now, yours will look like a simple streak that appears darker than your skin.

It’s like a badge of honour for you.

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