6 Things You Ought To Do When You Are Overdue

6 Things You Ought To Do When You Are Overdue

Time flies quicker than anyone could have ever expected. However, when it is past your due date, some people, especially new mothers, might get relatively anxious. Those who are seasoned and have undergone this ordeal a couple of times might not take it as a serious matter and pamper themselves instead.

Depending on your personality and the way you treat yourself, going through moments past your due date can be pretty convenient or relatively difficult. Some people might suffer more than the other.

Tips and tricks can do so much in allaying your anxiety. A significant amount of effort to be happy even after the due dates need to be contributed by you. Women who are organized and particular with every plan that they have made would easily fall to anxiety when labour yet to kick in past their due dates.

The same thing can’t really be compared with women who are last-minute camp. A few days extra after the due date can feel like a godsend, allowing them to enjoy more days before they have to focus on the care of the little one.

Either way, you have to go through post date pregnancy even if you don’t want to so why torture yourselves with anxiousness? Here are some of the things that you can do depending on the type of personality you have.

Relax and enjoy your due date


There isn’t so much things to do at this point of pregnancy. Up until now, you probably have got everything prepared. Every single important document, snacks and baby clothes stuffed inside your hospital bag. The only thing that you can do is sit back and enjoy your time.

Probably easier said than done with all of the anxiety swirling inside your head but soon, you would have a few moments like this one. In just a matter of time, you are about to welcome a new member to your family. It’s going to be arduous and you have to spend a considerable amount of effort to bring them up and about later.

So relax and rest.

Panicking is really not a bad idea, for some people

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Some people would be calm but for others, this can be a difficult feat since they want to embrace their Type A personality. Creating a calm mind would require a heroic amount of effort thus it would be much easier for them to be panicking. Being calm doesn’t bode well with them.

Sometimes, worrying about every little thing can be the best defense mechanism that one can employ to overcome anxiety. They would exaggerate things but that doesn’t mean they are not going to be okay. As long as they make use of their time as best as they possibly could, it should be fine.

Reorganize everything amidst your due date

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Being idle is not good. That’s true, so why don’t you indulge your inner OCD and reorganize everything. Some people love to refold, rearrange and redo things. All for the sake of letting the time fly by. 

Open your baby’s closet and make sure everything has been put into place. Or you can rearrange them, whatever. I mean a newborn would really appreciate your effort in colour-coordinating their closet. 

Kidding aside, a lot of couples love to do this together. They would sit in front of lots of baby stuff, refold, redo, rearrange and figure out anything they could buy more. It’s normal and can be entertaining.

Time to buy things you missed

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Not everyone has the luxury of buying things they should have during the first two trimesters. Some might be too busy working. So, passing your due dates can be a huge blessing for you. Now, you need to get everything done.

You have to pick every single thing up and do things that should’ve already been done. As you haven’t had the opportunity to slowly prepare for the arrival of your baby, you can do it now, in a single afternoon!

Ask your husband or friends to accompany you. If you miss anything while waiting for your labour to kick in, then make haste!  Trust me your baby would get out sooner than you expected. They wouldn’t stay in forever you know. 

Past your due dates? Be calm and go on a date

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You might not be able to hear the word “date” anytime soon once your baby has got out. If you want the opportunity of going on a date with your husband, this is the right time. 

If you have other kids, then you can probably hire a sitter so that you can enjoy this moment before you would have to struggle once more. 

Being able to have a moment with your husband before the arrival of your little one can be precious. This might be like a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Get a massage


You might be reading a tonne of magazines featuring some tips regarding pregnancy. One of them might be asking you to focus on yourself. Despite that advice, if you have kids or are working, it can be very difficult to do such a thing.

Well, the good news is, you can do it now. Go out, get a massage, a pedicure or wax. Anything that can make you calm. Enjoy your post date pregnancy. Trust me, it will be much more difficult when the baby has gotten out. You can hire a sitter but the feeling can’t be as relaxing.

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