Labour, Lots Of Unexpected Are Coming Your Way. These Are Some Of Them

Labour, Lots Of Unexpected Are Coming Your Way. These Are Some Of Them

Even though knowledge can be a powerful tool against the unknown, most new mothers experience new things during labour and delivery

However, all of those struggles often are forgotten once the post-childbirth amnesia sets in. How could you not? 

You’ve just delivered your long-awaited, adorable baby. Regardless, it is important to know that labour experiences are, most of the time, unexpected. 

These are some of the things that you might face during your labour and delivery.

You will be most likely monitored by nurses during labour

One of the things that new mothers always consider as unexpected is, there is no doctor around when they are in labour. 

The doctor will most likely appear when you are about to push but that doesn’t mean they are a lazy bunch. 

Before you put things into your wild imagination, let me tell you that during your labour, doctors are most likely helping another mother who is close to delivering their babies. 

Or they were scrubbing in for C-Section. 

No, they are not loafing around the staff lounge, gossiping with other doctors. Don’t let your imagination run its course while you were in labour. 

Don’t worry though because while you are in pain, you will be monitored by midwives, nurses that are specialized and professionally trained in child delivery services.

Epidural is not an injection, it’s an infusion


For some people, pain relief during labour can protect them from unnecessary complications that could arise as a result of body physiological changes against pain. 

Epidural is one of the methods of pain relief that is able to block nerves in the lower half of your body. 

If you are keen and your doctor allows you to be put under epidural, you will be infused with a liter of fluid. 

There’s no way you can be given an injection as it could affect your blood pressure dramatically along with your baby’s heart rate during labour. 

Nevertheless, it has its own shortcomings. You can’t control your pee so your urethra will be inserted with a flexible tube to make you comfortable. 

It just for a while and when the time comes for you to start pushing, the catheter will be removed.

Pooping during childbirth or even labour is gross but normal

It sounds embarrassing but you are not the only one who’s going to poop while pushing. 

When you are contracting your pelvic muscles to push the baby out, it happens to be the same muscle you use to poop. 

If you do it right, something is meant to slip out. It often occurred right before the baby started to crown. 

Don’t worry too much about it though, all of the labour room workers are pros when it comes to cleaning this kind of thing. 

Remind me, who says that childbirth is beautiful? Beauty is indeed subjective.

Getting yelled at? Push harder then


Professionalism can be a bit off, especially when you have qualms about pushing and delivering the baby quickly. 

It’s painful, but when you are being yelled, anger will numb the pain. The labour room staff might be talking to you in a casual sense, they might be making jokes to make you smile but don’t worry. 

This type of staff usually are experienced, seasoned pros and can work in a team together. It’s actually good news for you.

You are not only delivering your child

Yes, you heard it right. After your baby has been successfully delivered, you have to push out one more thing; the placenta. 

Your doctor will tug it out slowly and tell you to push. This process is usually much easier than pushing out a baby but in the case of the placenta can’t be extracted, you will be sent to the operating theater immediately.

Don’t worry too much about it though. Most people are downright happy and can’t wait to see the face of their little one.

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