5 Months Old – Where The Fun Never Ends

5 Months Old – Where The Fun Never Ends

Peek-a-boo! As your baby comes to understand the concept of object permanence, they would enjoy that particular game much more than they were, a month ago. They will giggle, laugh and you will smile. That’s such a precious moment! 

On the side note, your baby can discern colourful things, tiny objects and track anything that moves. Give them a cube and they would be able to take it off your hand and pass it on to the other hand. 

As they don’t have hand preference yet, they will be taking it with whichever hand nearest to the cube. Convenient, isn’t it? 

While they were playing, you might want to talk to them to encourage chatter. Not only they can babble, if you call them, they would turn toward you. Surprise! Your baby finally knows their own name.

While taking stuff and throwing it all around, your baby is trying to learn new motor skills in order to lift themselves up and control their head. 

They might seem like they were trying to do push ups, but trust me, it serves an almost equal purpose; to make them strong enough to lift themselves up. 

One more to go before giving them solids

You will continue to breastfeed your child but as they were growing up, they will need something more. 

Introducing solid foods to children doesn’t necessarily mean they need those nutrients other than what contained in the breast milk. It’s all about practising. Solid foods can only do so much at giving nutrition for a 5 months old baby.

Doctors would usually recommend you to start giving solid foods when your baby reaches 6 months old but some would start as early as 4.

Just remember that the longer your baby was exclusively breastfed up to 6 months old, the more benefits they will gain from said, practise. 

Your baby would receive the third dose for those three kinds of vaccinations (DTaP, Hib and Polio vaccines) that they received in their second and third month of life. Don’t forget your appointment as this is important for your baby’s immune system.

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