Benefits of Breastfeeding, These Are 5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Do It

Benefits of Breastfeeding, These Are 5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Do It

Everyone knows that breastfeeding is the best nutrition a mother can give to her infant especially during their first year of life but have you ever wondered why? What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

Exclusive breastfeeding which can be defined as giving infants breast milk without any other fluids or foods until the age of six months. It can confer a multitude of benefits for both mother and child. 

If you are still hesitant or trying to find some information regarding the benefits of breastfeeding, then this article is for you. 

Let’s go through 5 compelling benefits of breastfeeding and the reasons why you need to do it.

A good brain development as a part of benefits of breastfeeding

Breast milk contains essential nutrients which are important for the infant’s brain development. 

Studies have shown that the longer you breastfeed your child, the higher would be their expected cognitive performances. 

Even if this does not necessarily mean your child is going to be the next Einstein or Newton, establishing exclusive breastfeeding during their first year of lives would allow their brains to grow and develop to their maximum potential.

Do it for the sake of their guts

benefits of breastfeeding

Immunity is such an important topic when we are discussing the benefits of breastfeeding but most of the articles failed to mention what it does to the population of good bacteria in the gut. 

So, why is this important? This is because a good amount of gut bacteria can prevent the occurrences of gastrointestinal diseases. 

Breast milk is an important source of nutrition for such a population to grow, therefore, we can assume that it is important for an infant to be breastfed just as much as an adult needs to eat their yoghurt for a healthy gut microbiome.

All of the benefits of breastfeeding can be attained at a low cost!

The price of a formula milk depends on its brand and the age of infants it is catering to; the younger the infant, the more expensive it is. 

Newborn babies, for example, would need a specialised formula that contains specific nutrients that would be able to cater to their specific needs to grow healthily. 

As they are growing older and able to tolerate solid foods, most of the nutrients can be extracted from complementary feeding so their formula milk would become cheaper. 

Breastfeeding can save you from spending thousands of ringgits on formula milk per year. It’s a cheaper solution for your baby to grow and stay healthy, so why not just do it already?

They felt safe and loved. The social security benefits of breastfeeding 

benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can establish a powerful bond between the mother and the infant. 

Physical contact between those two can be an important factor in regulating a healthy emotional and social connection thus allowing the infant to grow healthily. 

Breastfeeding can be hard on the mother but the rewarding feeling as the baby gazes into your eyes while chugging on the milk is indescribable.

It reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases later in life

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), infants who are breastfed have a low risk of contracting chronic illnesses, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension etc. later in life. 

Some studies have also found that infants who are breastfed would have a small but significant benefit against obesity which can lead to chronic illnesses. 

During breastfeeding, when the baby is full, they will simply stop sucking which makes it difficult for them to be overfed. This is one of the benefits of breastfeeding which people usually take for granted.

Whereas an infant who is being bottle-fed, caregivers are more likely to push the bottle until it finishes regardless whether the baby is full or not.

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