4 Months Old – Reach For The Stars

4 Months Old – Reach For The Stars

Your baby’s head might seem saggy in the previous three months when you tried to prop them in a sitting position. However, if you did it this month, you would find that their heads were level and frankly speaking, they seem stronger than before.

They love to roll around and half of them could even bear their own weight when they were held upright. How lucky you are to have such a strong child. They learn to coordinate themselves at a quick rate, thanks to their quick neurological development.

Most babies are fascinated by their own toes and some might be able to mouth them. You remember when you are quite flexible to do such, right?

Listen to your baby. Instead of “Ah-goo”, they are going for something advance. More vowels, more consonants and definitely more babble. Ga-ga-ga, da-da-da and ba-ba-ba are definitely good signs. Soon, they will be able to call you mama or dada.

Don’t shove them with solids just yet

Even if your friend keeps on boasting how their son/daughter took solids at the 4-month mark, keep breastfeed your baby. Don’t give them anything until they are 6 months old. You will thank us later.

If you can’t breastfeed your baby due to certain conditions (HIV or any infection), you can give them formula milk but be sure to check the label first. Ensure all of the nutrition listed are adequate to support your baby’s need. 

If you breastfeed your child, they would need, on average, five to six feeds per day to grow healthily. That is equivalent to 24 to 36 ounces of breastmilk per day. Formula feeding would require 6 to 8 ounce per feed. Total it up to 36 ounces per day.

Be prepared for a bunch of developmental changes soon. 

There is no vaccination scheduled for this month. 

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