These Are 4 Downright Inappropriate Things You Can Say To A Pregnant Woman

These Are 4 Downright Inappropriate Things You Can Say To A Pregnant Woman

It’s not easy trying to control ourselves especially when we are filled with hormones. Even jokes hurt. For those who don’t know, there are certain things that we can’t say out loud to a pregnant woman. 

They are quite sensitive, easily to anger and sometimes, cry for no particular reasons. Their emotional states are fragile thus provoking them with insults can be the worst thing you shouldn’t do.

In this article, we are going to explore some of the inappropriate conversation scripts that you shouldn’t use to a pregnant woman.

You’re so huge, pointing the obvious directly at a pregnant woman

“Erm, yeah, I didn’t realise that. Gee, thanks for pointing that out.” 

Sometimes, this is the reason why pregnant women were down in the dumps. 

People don’t know how to shut up, don’t they? Confidence is difficult to attain, especially when it comes to personal appearance during pregnancy. 

The worst one of all is when someone was asking a pregnant woman “Are you carrying twins/triplets?”. It’s wrong to assume even if it’s true. 

The only thing that can be considered right is when they offer you that kind of information without asking them to.

Even if they’re not pregnant, saying stuff like “You’ve gained weight” can destroy them from within. 

In conclusion? Keep your observation to yourself and mind your own business. If you need to say something, try complimenting them instead. 

“That dress looks cute on you.” You have no idea how much it can cheer up someone especially when they were struggling with their own emotions.

I’m sure you’ll go early. You look farther along than what you really are.

pregnant woman

Well, I guess doctors who study medicine for 5 years got my due date wrong then. Maybe I should listen to you and come to the hospital 2 months early? 

It’s hilarious and sometimes just annoying when people love to include something which sounds like a fact but purely crap to a pregnant woman. 

It’s an indirect way of saying they were bigger than they should be. 

I’m not condoning negative thinking, but sometimes, even the slightest unintended perceived negative assumption, hurt. 

How about we focus on something else? Something other than my belly or when my due date is.

How about if you ask a pregnant woman whether they are okay and or if there is anything you can do to help them.

I’m sure you’re going to get a boy this time. Don’t say this to a pregnant woman

Never assume if someone has 2 daughters, they want a boy next. The smartest way around it is to ask what their preferences are. 

Let them decide or hope what gender they were wanting for. It’s certainly not our business to meddle. Let’s keep things exciting for the pregnant woman and focus on other stuff.

Maybe they were happy about the prospect of having all daughters? Who knows? I mean it will stay unknown if you offer a conclusion before asking an opinion.

When I was in labour, I suffered for 48 hours. I’m sure you wouldn’t experience that though

pregnant woman

This is neither helpful nor useful. It’s like telling a cancer patient how painful chemo was. I mean, nobody feels a ticklish sensation when they are in labours, right? 

I haven’t crossed upon an article or news saying that people were laughing during labour. If you have some useful insight, then be my guess. Tell me what I don’t know. 

If you try to tell me that you have been struggling with pain for 48 hours, how in the world is that going to help me? Come on. Keep that to yourself or tell people when they ask for it. Specifically for IT.

So, what can you say to a pregnant woman? Three simple words. YOU LOOK GREAT. Thank you.

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