36 Months Old – The Third Meaningful Celebration Of Joy

36 Months Old – The Third Meaningful Celebration Of Joy

Following instruction is no longer a problem. They can communicate with you quite efficiently when expressing their needs and thoughts. Even though, sometimes they can be difficult to deal with, know that every little tantrum they throw has a little silliness to them making it funny.

A 3 years old kid knows a lot of things. They have mastered various gross and fine motor skills thus it’s imperative to know that your child can do things they couldn’t before. Don’t forget to give them compliments no matter how small their achievement is.

Your kid starts to understand emotions and can use a few simple expressions to indicate their emotions. “I’m mad”, “I’m happy” and “I’m sad” are three commonest expressions they would learn to share with you. It’s important for you to let them express themselves so that in the future, they know how to deal with it instead of keeping them inside.

Kids at this age usually play along well with others. They move away from playing near to each other (parallel play) and start to play along and cooperate with other kids (interactive play). They no longer consider other kids as objects and can empathize with their emotions.

This is the time that they would make friends and sometimes they would introduce you to an imaginary one. That’s normal and in times, they would grow out of it.

Copying characters from television can be the most interesting part of being a 3 years old toddler. They are easily influenced by things that they love. So don’t if your kid runs around the house pretending to be the flash or batman, you would know what he loves.

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