30 Months Old – Your Little Helper

30 Months Old – Your Little Helper

Your child is old enough to help you with your house chores albeit a simple one. There is no shortcut of teaching your child about responsibility but you can definitely foster helpfulness.

You should know your child’s limitation, what they can and cannot do. Don’t expect something unrealistic and try to keep their chores entertaining. Give a little compliment to every single chores they completed. That can encourage them to help you more in the future.

If they are not in the mood for it, don’t force your child or be upset. Try to make your chores as cheerful as possible to encourage them to help.

If you are trying to impose some rules, then be realistic. Your child would not obey something that they are not familiar with right away. Instead, you have to explain to them why it is so. It’s more fun to enforce rules so that they can learn something from it.

For example, they need to sleep early to grow, they need to eat vegetables to become stronger and they need to tidy up their toys as a good kid. They love to be complimented and that will usually trigger them to get some more.

They might do extra things to impress you. They can do all of that. All they need is some love and compliments so hug and kiss them while giving them compliments. Your child can be a capable little helper, if you know how to foster one.

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