3 Months Old – Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

3 Months Old – Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

Your baby know how to laugh now! That’s a big step from a nice, sweet smile to a much more adorable sound of laughter. Truthfully, it’s a music to the parent’s ear and they would ask for more. 

Being a 3 months old baby, they would expect people to lift they up more. What if people don’t? Well they can just roll over and turn their head to the direction of a sound. Maybe they would make a sound instead? Well, people would lift me up if I started crying don’t they? Let’s try that.

Putting your baby on their tummy would make them learn how to support themselves. At 3 months old, with all of the practices that have been given to them, they would be able to lift their head up. Easy peasy.

Try to give them something that they can play with. They would try to reach for it especially if the toy has attractive colours or emitted light or sound. They are curious and obviously captivated by the toy that was given to them.

Your baby’s weight and height might be important to you and your doctor by this month. They have a chart in the clinic that can be used to measure the appropriateness of weight and height attained by your child at a certain age. 

If your baby is putting too much weight or barely gain any, you might want to bring them to a doctor for a much more detailed assessment. Why should you be concerned by that?

Babies who gained a lot of weight in their first 6 months have an increased obesity risk by 3 years old. Later, if their weight are not properly managed especially by 4 years old, they would have an increased risk of obesity when they were adults. 

You might want to comply to the doctor’s advice instead of shoving your baby with foods every time they demand for it. Give them the opportunity to roll and move around. Don’t just swaddle or strap them to a chair all day long. 

If your baby gain too little weight, you might want to step up your feeding games a little bit. Make sure your baby is breastfed frequently. Some babies might be too sleepy to suck on your dripping nipple, but you gotta put in the effort.

During the 3rd month of life, your baby would be given the second dose of DTaP, Hib and polio vaccine. Make sure you don’t miss your monthly follow up and if you have any concerns, address them.

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