24 Months Old – Love, Anger And Frustration

24 Months Old – Love, Anger And Frustration

Being 2 is definitely an achievement. Now, they can do most things by themselves such as taking off their socks or feeding their pets. They can even understand most of the instructions you told them to do. 

Well sometimes, those instructions were replied with a “no”, but they did make a leap of developmental achievement in all sorts of domains. As your baby grows up, their curiosity rises. 

Some kids love to ask why hundreds times per day. It’s their compulsion and they are eager to learn. Even if they know the answer, sometimes they just wanted to form a deeper social connection with you. Don’t ever kill their curiosity. Entertain them so that when they grow up, they would be just as curious.

You kid would know how to categorize things now provided they were taught by you. Cats and dogs are animals, trees and cactus are plants and shorts and pants are clothes.

Compared to a few months back, their memories are much more sophisticated and they are starting to understand abstract concepts. However, emotionally speaking they can be quite difficult to handle. Sometimes, they refuse to follow their potty-training practises and are scared of dentists and haircuts.

They would wake up in the middle of the night trying to find comfort from nightmares, night terrors or erupting molars. The thing that you can do to address those issues of sleep is trying to provide comfort and emotional support.

More than a solution, your child seeks love and attention from you. So give them that and quickly get to bed. You would need your beauty sleep.

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