21 Months Old – Expressing Individuality

21 Months Old – Expressing Individuality

One thing you should learn about your child is 20% of the time, they love to observe others. Some parents like to force their child to participate in something but you can change that by allowing them to interact at their own terms.

However, sometimes, you have to look at the relevance of those situations. Being a child, they are synonymous with curiosity thus shoving a raising inside of their nostrils can be considered as logical.

You have to step up and be firm with this type of behaviour. Explain to them as simply as you could why we shouldn’t do stuff that could endanger us.

Now is the most suitable time to include them in your time planning. Tell them about your schedule and remind them about things that would happen on particular days of the week. It can be their grandmother’s birthday and so on.

When we talk about your child’s identity, especially gender, some parents would have concerns about their child crossing the traditional gender line. According to experts, this is not unusual for a kid especially at this age.

Don’t worry about it and don’t ever stifle your son’s emotion just because you want them to be a man. Be realistic and let them enjoy their lives for a little bit. 

It’s important for you to show a mature side of being an adult. If your child were struggling with something, listen to them without interrupting with lectures and if something happens, a kiss would make a better comfort tool than to place blame.

The 21st month of life is the time for the second dose of JE vaccination if you are staying in Sarawak.

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