18 Months Old – The Center Of Your Attention

18 Months Old – The Center Of Your Attention

Being able to speak lots of words is a plus point for your kids. Not only would they make certain demands with impatience, they would also interfere with a lot of your social interaction with neighbours or during a phone call. 

As you thought they were being independent from you, they tighten their metaphorical relationship velcro and show burgeoning separation anxiety. Don’t feed their misery by being upset. As a parent you should empathize with your child as they can’t quite help it.

Being a child, they were packed with lots of energy. They would want to play all the time and this starting to impact their sleep pattern. Your child would wake up very early in the morning and sleep later than usual at night. It’s a physiological process that should be understood by you.

As your child gains more muscular power and balance control, they can run faster than you can imagine. However, be sure to remove any object in his playing space that can interfere or be the source of unwanted incident. They are not quite good at avoiding obstacles yet so you might want to take this seriously.

Showing them a good example is a part of being a good parent. Your child would have the tendency to follow the way you interact with other people so  be sure to include the words “please” and “thank you”.

As indicated by the Malaysian national Immunisation Schedule, this month marks the time when you are required to give your child booster doses for DTaP, Hib and polio vaccine. Be sure to attend your appointment and if you have concerns, point it out to your paediatrician.

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