15 Months Old – Pleasure, playfulness and protests

15 Months Old – Pleasure, playfulness and protests

3 months ago they can’t barely walk without support, now they can get pretty much everywhere, Nothing can stop them now. 

As a parent, you can teach them lots of things especially when it comes to understanding the world through their senses. They will learn by looking, smelling, playing, listening and tasting foods at mealtime.

Your kid still views other kids as objects rather than people, which is why they are usually rude to them. There is no empathy when they shove people out of their way or grabs any toy that they want from other kids.

However, if you take your child to a playgroup, they would display a good social etiquette, more so than a side-by-side play.

Anyone have pets in their house? Having a pet can be a plus point for you and your child. They would learn how to be responsible, kind, empathy and encouraged to love nature.

It will be good if you adopt a pet when they are a little bit older though since they can take care of them by then.

Communication is less trickier than before. When presented with a non-verbal cues you can reconfirm with a verbal one. For example, if your child points their finger to a toy, instead of taking it right away, ask them first.

“Do you want that toy?”.

The purpose of this exercise is to elicit verbal responses from them. At this age, they would have a continued love affair with the word “no” but if you can hear some more, that would be nice.

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