12 Months Old – The First Birthday

12 Months Old – The First Birthday

Your baby is no longer a baby. They have upgraded themselves as a toddler now. Regardless, I understand, no matter how old they are, they are still going to be your little baby. How ironic.

Walking can be established at this age but it’s either with support or they are still cruising through the furniture. Doesn’t matter as long as they are trying their best to walk. We appreciate that a lot.

Your child’s ability to walk would mean more interesting spaces to be explored. Yay! While walking around the house could signify they are trying to be independent from you, but trust me, they are still holding on to you like a tight velcro grip.

While walking is definitely a good sign for your child, it could be a laborious amount of effort for you. Now you have to ensure that your house environment fit to nurse a growing child. No sharp object, no glass object that can be reached easily and you definitely need to child-proof a few things.

Don’t restrict them from exploring though. 

On the aspect of communication, it’s definitely difficult to understand their words but their need would be indicated by a simple pointing-a-finger gesture. 

They want to drink? They would point to a cup. They want to play outside, they will stay by the door looking at you. Now, how’s that fair? I mean, who can resist those kinds of cute faces. They would still babble but you would notice a few words have its meaning.

Know your kid limitation. Be patient while they figure out how to do stuff.

Sort out your child’s nutrition

Don’t forget to sort out their foods and caloric intake to ensure they would consume adequately. Calories are important for them as they were growing up. If possible, wean out of a bottle completely and keep on breastfeeding your baby.

Don’t forget to bring your child for their vaccination. It’s time for the second dose of MMR vaccine. 

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