11 Months Old – Little Day Walker

11 Months Old – Little Day Walker

From crawling to sitting, now your baby learns how to cruise through furniture. Having enough muscle strength to stand up, now they must work on their balance to walk around. Some babies would stand alone just to scour the field and just get right back to sitting.

Don’t worry, they were trying to learn and for some babies, they could walk later than the other. It’s normal but if you’re worried you can address those issues to your paediatrician.

No matter how far their progress is, try to encourage them to try by employing several toy tactics such as baby doll stroller, shopping carts and activity center on wheels that they can push it around the house. 

Other important developmental milestones that they could achieve at this age is pick up tiny objects neatly, say “mama” or “dada” or maybe one more word with meaning, copy sounds, wave you goodbye and even roll a ball back to you.

Your baby imagination would start to surface and their role-play toys would play some roles in their imaginative play doll house. Do anything they want and continue to stimulate their fine and gross motor skills, language skills and cognitive function.

Stack some cubes and see if they can mimic that. Most of them can’t really do that neatly but that’s okay. They were progressing well. Your baby will learn best if they were learning at their own pace so be patient.

Bottle Free Period

By this age, you can completely wean your child from a bottle. If you breastfeed your child, keep on breastfeeding as expert recommends breastfeeding to continue to at least 2 years of age. 

Their diet has become diverse and they would need more protein, vitamins and other nutrients that the breast can’t provide.

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