10 Months Old – Your Energizer Bunny

10 Months Old – Your Energizer Bunny

The world has lots of interesting spaces. Your baby would most likely love to explore more than to eat something which is the opposite of adults who love to eat and less to explore. Maybe that’s why we tend to be fat.

There is no space too high or cabinet too deep to explore and you would be surprised at how curious your little bundle of joy is. Be sure to keep an eye on them as they can be a little bit unexpected.

Keep sharp objects away and don’t put a glass of hot beverage near to the side of the table. It will most likely cause them harm and it’s going to be a nightmare. 

At this age, your baby might be showing some signs of separation anxiety. If you were working, this is going to be difficult. Just a few months ago, they might seem okay with you leaving the room but now they would cry if you do so.

This can be hard on you and the nanny (if you have one) so be patient and make sure you understand that it’s normal for their development.

Your little picky eater

It’s not easy taking care of a picky eater. However, it’s the normal way of asserting their independence from their majestic high chair. Healthy food can be distasteful but you have to be patient and keep on trying to encourage them to eat. Vegetables can be the last thing they learn to love.

Weaning your baby off from the bottle can be good at this particular age. That’s not only would encourage them to eat solid food more for healthy nutrition but also it’s good for their teeth. Try to introduce cup drinking to allow them focusing on exploring rather than chugging from a bottle.

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