1 Month Old – They Are Trying To Tell You Something

1 Month Old – They Are Trying To Tell You Something

It’s been a month. You might have mixed feelings of excitement and horror, the first time you were holding your baby. You got a baby but on the other hand, you have no experience in parenting. Now, you have become a bit of an expert yourself.

Sure, a lot of things are still trial and error but now you would be able to feed, burp and handle your little one with ease. How lucky they are to have you as their mother.

There are a few ways of communicating which are usually utilized by your baby to respond – startling, quieting or everyone’s favourite, crying. Well, to be fair, most of the time they will be using the latter.

Regardless, there are a few different patterns of crying to indicate needs. We have no exact way of telling you which is which but as you were spending more time with them, those things will come to you naturally. A few patterns that can give you a clue:

  • Hunger – a short, low-pitched cries with a pleading quality
  • Tired – A continuous, nasal, whiny cries
  • Boredom – Alternate burst of crying with fussy whimpers

It doesn’t always comply to the listed rules but you got the gist. Most of the time, the same pattern of cries usually signifies the same pattern of needs.

In terms of their growth, they are growing in spurts not at a steady rate. Their feeding demands would increase and sometimes it can be tiring to fulfill their needs for fueling. Fortunately for you, soon, their feeding pattern would be more consistent and easy to predict so just hang in there.

During the 1st month of life, your baby would need their second dose of hepatitis B vaccine. Be sure to comply with your appointment. Let your paediatrician know that your baby is currently growing well.

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